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I was just another statistic whose health and lifestyle had taken a turn down a dark road because of modern media and advertising. It's spiraled out of control and turned into an eating disorder. “When did this happen?” I would ask myself, "How did a healthy young girl and mother of three get so lost and create such damaging habits in her lifestyle?" I turned to the Lord for help and strength and I decided to just get to the gym and reach out. Life Time Fitness embraced me and gave me many different options and opportunities to change for the better. I began with TEAM weight loss, then moved up to TEAM Fitness and then to TEAM Boot Camp where I excelled and decided to sign up for some extra sessions with my personal trainer, Tiffany Lukenbill. I loved the knowledge I was gaining about strength training, cardio, etc. In addition, the nutrition facts I learned along the way were life-changing and inspiring.

At first, there was little to no success in my body size/shape, but I kept coming because I felt a connection to the team, my body began to feel good inside and I did not want to give up. Eventually, I found a good balance between the nutrition and fitness and my body just begin to transform before my eyes. Most importantly, I started to wake up feeling healthy with a clear mind & I was excited for each new day! There were so many little things that took part in my transformation with Life Time Fitness: the childcare was helpful and comforting, my trainers we're hopeful and believed in me, the front desk staff was always welcoming and inviting--knowing me by name, the 90-day challenge gave me that extra boost when I needed it most, and my team of friends at Life Time Fitness gave me confidence. This all helped me change my lifestyle one step at a time. I have lost 30 pounds and transformed my body from 41% body fat down to 17% in just over a year. It was the 90-day challenge that helped me lose the last 10 pounds and 8% body fat. Although the process moved a little slow from what I have done in the past, I realized that this time it was a different change because it was coming from within, it was emotional and it will be a change that will last for my life time. I'm truly thankful for the transformation and that I have new tools to continue success in the future. I'm on the health train and I'm not getting off!

Club Locations: Colorado Springs, CO

Interest: Swim, Training, Weight Loss

Other: mystory

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