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Back on the Bike

1990 was the end of my bicycling enthusiasm.

350 miles ridden across the dry clay Georgia landscape in 100 degree heat and humidity as part of the "BRAG" ride (Bicycle Ride Across Georgia) pretty much ended my love affair with my 1984 Miyata 210 bicycle. I gave away my ten-speed to a homeless man and limited myself to errand rides within my zip code on a granny bike, often pulling a Trail-A-Bike AND a Burley behind me.

The years passed. The kids rode their own bikes and attempts to keep up with others on my granny bike were becoming futile. After riding it in my first triathlon last summer and being passed by many grannies on road bikes, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I bought a used Lexa SLX last fall and began to see if I could fall in love again with cycling.

After months of encouragement from more advanced cycling friends, I decided to come out for a C ride at Life Time Fitness in St Louis Park.

A group ride was daunting enough, but coming by myself was even scarier. However, the moment I rode up, I was welcomed enthusiastically by Jennifer, the ride coordinator, as well as Lisa and Tim, the C ride leaders. I met some wonderful people, enjoyed an 18 mile ride, and came back again 2 days later for the 4th of July morning 28-mile ride with more hills. Now I'm trying to convince two more friends to come out and join the fun.

I am so happy to have recaptured my enjoyment of cycling and look forward to trying to keep up with the B group soon.

Club Locations: St. Louis Park, MN

Interest: Cycle

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