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Peeking Into Pilates

I am sharing my story about the benefits I have found in taking Pilates. I will soon be 66 years old and this form of exercise has been extremely beneficial in keeping me fit and active.

Here are some of my observations:

  • Increased endurance
  • I have become extremely flexible
  • I am receiving many compliments about my skin; increased circulation benefits
  • Tightening of glutes - at this age, I look great from the back!
  • Developing muscles in my back which eliminates "rolls" around my waistline.
  • Receiving many comments about my terrific posture.
  • At my last physical, my Doctor was surprised that I am not "shrinking" in height. I was told this was to be expected at my age, so I attribute Pilates to keeping my height 5'8" at this age.
  • Recently had knee surgery (torn meniscus) and was back taking Pilates after one week. My Doctor told me I didn't need physical therapy and was amazed at the flexibility of my knee. This I also attribute to Pilates.
  • My overall muscle tone has vastly improved and I see a greater overall fitness level.

Lastly, I find my instructor, Susan Davern, to be a wonderful instructor; very skilled and makes each session unique and fun. It is a wonderful way to begin the day with someone who makes you smile and laugh. I think she is absolutely fabulous and a valuable asset to Life Time Fitness.

Club Locations: Johns Creek, GA

Interest: Pilates

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