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Life Time Peachtree Corners: Best-In-Class Tennis Academy Programming

Life Time Athletic and Tennis Peachtree Corners Tennis Academy program in Peachtree offers the best-in-class opportunities on and off the courts for students who are serious about improving their skills to become life-long players.

Life Time’s Tennis Academy offers developing players two programs; a full-day, five-day-a-week program or a part-time program where students who want to attend traditional classroom schools enroll in a program where they complete some of their classes online program, freeing up time to train in the afternoon. You can read one student’s story who attends the Tennis Academy full-time.

Life Time Peachtree Corners club has eight indoor and 25 outdoor courts and the curriculum involves learning groundstrokes, serves, volleys, overheads and game strategies involved with playing high-level Junior Tennis.

The students also meet with tournament planning mentors to map out the best schedule for the student’s appropriate playing levels.

Visit the myLT Tennis site to learn more about programming.