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Frequently Asked Questions


What are interests and why should I follow them?
Interests, also known as "Favorites" represent the activities, interests or areas within Life Time that matter most to you. They include Group Fitness, Yoga, Weight Loss, Training, Pilates, Ultimate Hoops, Kids, Run, Cycle, Swim, Racquetball, Squash, Tennis, LifeSpa/MediSpa, LifeCafe and LifeClinic. By adding an interest you will receive communications (both News and Notifications, explained below) from your club about upcoming classes, events and activities.

If I already have an account, do my current interests carry over?
Yes, your interests will transfer over, but now is a good time to review and update them to ensure you are following and receiving communications about what interests you most. That way you won’t miss anything.

How do I set up my interests if I haven’t already done so, or if I am a new member?
There are several ways to set up your interests. First make sure you are logged in to MyLT. Then, select either of these three options:

1. On your MyLT homepage, click the “Add an interest” button in the "My Interests" area and follow the instructions.
2. Select the "+" icon within the interest bar and follow the instructions.
3. In the dropdown menu in the utility navigation bar, select "Manage my interests", then follow the instructions to add interests.

All three options will take you to “Manage Interests”. Find the interest that interests you, click on it and then follow the instructions.

How do I review or edit my interests?
To review and edit your interests from the MyLT homepage, hover over an interest icon image in the “My Interests” bar, then select “edit” and follow the instructions.

How do I access my tools?
From your MyLT homepage, locate the "My Tools" section, then select:

1. "Calendar" for classes schedules, class registration and to add events to your personal calendar
2. "MyPlan" to monitor your health and fitness progress through a variety of tracking and educational tools. You can also access the MyPlan tool through the dropdown menu in the utility navigation bar.


How do I add a club to “my clubs”?
To add a club, hover over “My Clubs” in the main navigation bar, then select “Add/Edit My Clubs”. Hover over a club name, select “Add Club” and follow the instructions.

How do I change my preferred club?

To change your preferred club, hover over “My Clubs” in the main navigation bar, then select “Add/Edit My Clubs”.

An alternate way is via the dropdown menu in the utility navigation bar. Hover over your name and select “Manage Clubs”. Next, hover over the club name and select “Make this my preferred club”.

What is the difference between my primary club and my preferred club?

Your primary club is the location where you joined Life Time, and cannot be modified. We use this information for our membership records. Your preferred club is one that you have designated because you visit it often and wish to receive information about it or have chosen it as your default club page on our website.

How do I create a club tab?
Through the utility menu, select “Club Tab” and follow the instructions.

Where can I find MyLTBuck$?
On your MyLT Homepage, you can access MyLTBuck$ in the utility navigation (drop down area in the upper right hand area of any page). MyLTBuck$ is also accessible through the dropdown menu on the utility navigation bar.

What are my notifications?
Notifications are time-sensitive updates that will generally affect your schedule in the next 24-48 hours. With a MyLT account, you will gain immediate access to notifications for the club you designate as a “myClub”.

Where do I go to find the results of myHealthScore assessment?
Hover over "Programs and Events" in the main navigation bar, then select "MyHealthScore" under "Total Health". Select "My Assessments", then "View Results".

I’m having a problem on the site, what should I do?
For technical issues on MyLT, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Contact Us”. Next, click on “MyLT Support”, complete the corresponding fields including information regarding your question or issue and then click “Submit”. You can also stop by the member services desk to get any questions answered.


Where do I find class schedules? And do I need to be logged in to view them?
Hover over “Schedule” in the main navigation bar, select “Find a Class” and then follow the instructions. Another way to access schedules is from the club page. Navigate to the desired club page and today’s schedule will appear in the “Today at the Club” section on the page. With the new MyLT, you can easily view schedules as soon as you access You will no longer need to log in to view schedules – only for personalized content and to gain access to your account.

Can I add my favorite classes to my personal calendar, such as iCal, Outlook, Entourage?
Yes. See instructions above to find a class. When you get to the class you’d like to add, click on the download icon and follow the instructions.

Can I cancel a reservation online?
To cancel a court reservation online hover over “Schedule”, select “My Reservations”, then click the “cancel icon” next to the court reservation.
All other reservations need to be canceled at the club.

Where do I find child center hours?
You can easily find the child center hours by visiting the club location page and clicking on the "Today at the Club" tab to view today's open hours. To view hours for the week, select the “Amenities and Hours” tab and scroll to the “Amenities and Hours” area.


How can I have online discussions about programming?
We’re taking these conversations to where they’re already happening – on the largest social platform on the Internet – Facebook . On Facebook, you'll find a page for your Life Time club where you can ask questions and engage in discussions about activities and events at your location.

How do I contact my local coordinator (run, cycle, yoga, etc)?
There are two ways to find this information when you are logged in:

1. From your MyLT homepage, hover over the interest in your Interests Bar, then select the location.
2. Hover over “Programs and Events” in the main navigation bar, then select the Interest from the list.

How do I access kids programming?
Hover over “Programs and Events” in the main navigation bar and select “Kids Activities” under “Family”.

Where do I find offers from Member Advantage?
Hover over “Deals” in the main navigation bar and then select a featured deal or “view all deals” link.


Where can I find News?
You can find News in two places:

1. When you login, you'll land on your MyLT homepage that is personalized with content just for you. You'll find News in "My News and Events" for all of the interests you've told us you're interested in.
2. On your club page, you'll find news that pertains to your specific location. Just scroll to the “News & Events” area located in the lower right of your club page.

How do I share Life Time content, such as News, classes, events, etc., on my social networks?
Content that is shareable will have a series of actions that enable you to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and ShareThis.

The tool looks like this:

Activate to launch comment card