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The healthy way of life has another advantage — exclusive member discounts at nationwide retailers, services, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and more. In fact, if used often, Member Advantage can help offset most, if not all, of your monthly dues.

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Use them on spa services, personal training, programs — all the stuff that help you hit your goals. New members earn LT BUCK$ when they log into their account within 4 months of joining us. Existing members earn them every time a referral joins us.

Learn more is all yours. A place online where you can quickly and easily find everything from account info to club schedules and events — even Member Advantage discounts.

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Exclusively at Life Time, myHealthScore is a comprehensive, two-session health evaluation that includes over 100 minutes with a fitness professional. myHealthScore gives you a clear picture of your current health by measuring key indicators, including blood pressure, body fat percentage, waist to hip ratio, ratio of LDL to HDL cholesterol, strength, flexibility, glucose, triglycerides and more.

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A healthy way of life is always changing, evolving. And Life Time's award-winning magazine will make sure you do, too, by covering everything from fitness gear and foods to new adventures and activities. Members get 3 free issues of our award-winning healthy lifestyle newsstand magazine.

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