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Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Signature Formats

Signature Formats

Barbell Strength

An all-levels strength training class that combines great music with classic weight training exercises.

Core Blast

Full-body strength and cardio workout with a strong core focus, this interval class will train you for daily life. 


Inspired by martial arts stick fighting, STRIKE! incorporates traditional cardio kickboxing along with weight-bearing strikes and blocks. 


The ultimate barre body challenge without the barre, this dynamic workout blends a variety of training disciplines that will condition and tone the entire body. 


Athletic and intense, TCX features an ever-changing series of intelligent progressions that hit every muscle group. 


Warrior Fusion

A unique blend of yoga, strength and easy-to-follow rhythmic movements that is as liberating as it is empowering. 

Warrior Sculpt

Yoga heats up with a flowing mix of yoga, strength and athletic cardio training that will challenge your body and mind.  


Challenge yourself beyond traditional strength training with this advanced total-body strength training class. 

More Group Fitness

Looking for even more challenging and fun group fitness classes? Check out dozens of additional classes offered near you.

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