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Group Fitness

Amazing workouts, cleverly disguised as fun. With so many different class times throughout the day, you can always find a Life Time Group Fitness program that motivates and inspires you to push yourself and have a great time doing it. Every Life Time offers state-of-the-art Group Fitness classes led by nationally-certified instructors who are fun, friendly, approachable and always ready to talk, share tips and offer encouragement.  

Signature Formats

From exclusive fitness experiences found only at Life Time to classic workouts that focus on your passions, Life Time Group Fitness gives you everything you are looking for in your workout. Our Signature Classes are custom-designed by Life Time’s national fitness leaders – and are only available here. Plus, we offer dozens of additional classes. Check them all out!

Barbell Strength

An all-levels strength training class that combines great music with classic weight training exercises.

Core Blast

Full-body strength and cardio workout with a strong core focus, this interval class will train you for daily life. 


Inspired by martial arts stick fighting, STRIKE! incorporates traditional cardio kickboxing along with weight-bearing strikes and blocks. 


The ultimate barre body challenge without the barre, this dynamic workout blends a variety of training disciplines that will condition and tone the entire body. 


Athletic and intense, TCX features an ever-changing series of intelligent progressions that hit every muscle group. 


Warrior Fusion

A unique blend of yoga, strength and easy-to-follow rhythmic movements that is as liberating as it is empowering. 

Warrior Sculpt

Yoga heats up with a flowing mix of yoga, strength and athletic cardio training that will challenge your body and mind.  


Challenge yourself beyond traditional strength training with this advanced total-body strength training class. 

More Group Fitness

Looking for even more challenging and fun group fitness classes? Check out dozens of additional classes offered near you.

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