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Advanced Pilates

Continuing the Journey

After you have completed your foundational Pilates series, our experienced trainers will work with you to accelerate your progress toward attaining your fitness goals. You may continue your Pilates journey with a choice of private lessons, classes or a combination of the two.

1-on-1 Sessions/Privates
In a private or semi-private session with a trainer, you’ll focus on precise exercises using Pilates equipment such as the reformer, tower and magic circles. Individualized instruction offers a unique opportunity to deepen the Pilates experience while specifically addressing your individual goals, physical strengths and limitations. Prices vary per trainer.

Pilates Small Group Classes, Levels 1 – 4
Our comprehensive Pilates classes are a great way to achieve your goals while enhancing endurance and exercise performance in a drill-style format using a combination of reformer, tower and mat. In these classes, you will work within a small group of three to five people who share your desire for support, motivation and results. Based on the nature of these sessions and for your safety, you must have minimum foundational work and your instructor’s approval to enter a group class.

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To register or for more information, see a member of the Life Time Pilates team or Personal Trainer for session dates and other information.