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Life Time Pilates Philosophy

Our Pilates Philosophy

Pilates is an extremely powerful total-body conditioning method that produces long, lean muscles and builds strength without creating bulk. Life Time Fitness provides a progressive, comprehensive and outcome-based Pilates program to help you reap these benefits and more. Classes utilize a combination of equipment such as the reformer, tower and mat, with some programs utilizing chairs and barrels.

Our Equipment Pilates classes (also known as Pilates) are offered as private sessions or in small groups so instructors can give students personalized attention and help them achieve their specific objectives. Many of the Equipment Pilates classes also include some mat work.

Our Mat classes are conducted in a large group format in the Group Fitness studios. No reservation is necessary and classes are included with your membership.

At Life Time Fitness, we make it easy to get started with Pilates. Classes are offered in two primary options. You may opt for a Pilates Fundamentals Intensive Class, which includes six small group classes and one private session. Or, you may choose a package of five or more private sessions with a Pilates instructor. Contact your club for pricing.

As you gain strength and technical proficiency, you will be eligible to follow our successive curriculum either in bi-monthly small group sessions or private sessions. Both options will help you continue to build on and strengthen your skills.

Why get started in this manner?

  • You’ll learn proper form of basic Pilates exercises.
  • You’ll become familiar with Pilates terminology, such as stance, scoop and the Powerhouse, the area that supports and controls movement. It includes the lower abs, inner thigh and glutes.
  • You'll learn the Pilates stance and how this supports and improves posture.
  • You'll understand Pilates as a movement system that incorporates breath for flow, control with the Powerhouse and the ability to apply proper alignment to all lifestyle activities.
  • You’ll create the ability to initiate all movement from the center, allowing for strong and supported posture, improved performance in sports and activity, and overall injury prevention.
  • You'll learn the fundamentals of equipment class formats.
  • You'll begin to build strength, flexibility and stability, which will continue to develop the more you practice Pilates.

Our unique progressive Pilates program will help you build your skills so you can continue to condition and challenge your body in efficient ways. In this program, you will receive superior training by highly trained, passionate and motivating Pilates instructors that will lay the groundwork for years of successful Pilates practice.

Connect with a Pilates Coordinator today to learn more about Pilates at Life Time Fitness or to sign up for sessions!