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Many people achieve amazing results when working with a trainer. Find a trainer that clicks with you and good stuff starts to happen. A unique relationship develops, based on honesty, trust and mutual respect. Whatever your goals, personal fitness training can provide you with discipline, motivation and inspiration. Together, we’ll figure out how to move you forward.

You’ll learn what’s really important. And what’s not. You’ll be inspired. You’ll get stronger. You’ll learn to trust yourself. You’ll gain confidence and an awareness of your body. And tap the potential within you. Best of all, you’ll see results.

Private Training

Life Time Training offers flexible training options so you can work with our highly skilled and professional staff the way that works best for you.

Weight Loss

We believe your body stores fat for a reason. But until you know why, losing weight is pure guesswork. If you start with a Metabolic Profile, then choose a personalized program that fits your needs, you will lose weight, with certainty. 

TEAM Weight Loss

TEAM Weight Loss is an individualized, results-based group-training program supported by our proprietary technology, research and experts.


Working with a Nutrition Coach, you will be guided through a personalized, effective nutrition and health plan that covers: Nutrition, Food Choices, Exercise/Movement, Environment & Hormones.


TEAM Boot Camp

TEAM Boot Camp is a fast-paced cardio and resistance training program led by certified instructors with strictly regimented intensity. TEAM Boot Camp might be the hardest fun you’ll have all week.

Ultimate Workout

Taught exclusively by certified Ultimate Workout instructors, this group training program will change the way you look at exercise, with its emphasis on balance, cardiovascular efficiency, strength/muscle endurance and coordination.


The power movements our bodies used to do every day — lifting, reaching and stretching — are reimagined into the full-body workout that is Alpha. Our comprehensive approach covers eight standards of athletic ability.

Mixed Combat Arts

Life Time Mixed Combat Arts (MCA) is a full-body workout that can constantly be adjusted to keep you motivated, encouraged and improving.



Ideal for those of you looking to improve overall muscular stability, Pilates builds muscle without creating bulk and improves joint mobility, stability, flexibility, posture and strength. 


TEAM Fitness

Bringing increased intensity in a friendly, inviting atmosphere, TEAM Fitness is the ideal base workout program for participants. Life Time’s group training programs are your jumping-off point to fun fitness success.

Nutritional Supplements

Supplements are a safe and effective way to maintain optimal health and weight maintenance, increased athletic performance and more.

Health Technologies

Whatever your fitness goals, heart rate monitors, movement trackers and other related products can provide you with much-needed information, tracking and enjoyment. 


Assessments and Lab Testing

Identifying and understanding some of your unique physiological makeup will help inform your nutrition and exercise habits and make reaching your goals, whatever they are, easier to attain.

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Determined to Be an Alpha

Berkeley Heights, NJ

I joined Life Time Athletic because of Alpha Training. I enjoyed high intensity, competitive workouts and wanted a workout similar to Cross-Fit. My Engagement Advisor, Michael Price, connected me w ...

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