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Training is a science. But the results can be magic. Everyone at Life Time begins their training plan by finding their unique metabolic profile. Using Life Time’s proprietary testing methods, we determine how your body functions so we can build personal fitness training plan specifically for you. After your assessment, you’ll choose from one of three paths based on your goals and lifestyle. Best of all, you’ll see results.

Weight Management

For those looking to manage their weight with a program that is customized to each user’s unique metabolic profile.  

Vitality and Health

Vitality and Health is the path for those working toward a longer, healthier life and counteracting the natural effects of aging.

Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement is the path for athletes who want to push themselves to be faster, stronger, quicker, smarter and better. 

A Smart Dumbbell Complex

Nicole Radziszewski
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95 Pounds in 90 Days

Commerce Township, MI

Growing up as an adopted child, I found myself in a family and household surrounded by loving parents and siblings but I always felt a piece of me was missing. At a young age I can remember hoardin ...

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