The average adult will try to lose weight four times this year.

Do it right. Do it once.

Years of helping thousands of people have given us the know-how, the tips and the secret weapons for healthy, effective weight loss. With the right plan and people helping you, it is completely possible to drop pounds. And keep it off.


Know what you need to do to lose weight by understanding your metabolism.

A metabolic test can tell you exactly how often you should exercise, how much and which exercises to do and what type of food you should eat in order to lose weight. Metabolic testing may also give you some unexpected insights such as:

You may be working out too hard

You may not be eating enough

You may have metabolic issues

Read more about some unexpected (and empowering) outcomes from getting a metabolic test. Or purchase an ActiveMetabolicAssessmentSM

Nourish your body by eliminating toxins and eating clean.

A detox diet, done the RIGHT way, can set in motion a 5-7 pound weight loss over a two-week period. Listen to our detox expert and Registered Dietitian Coach Anika talk about the safe and effective way to detoxify your body. Sign up for her free program. To enhance your detox process, purchase our Life Time D.TOX kit.

Move your body with a free weight loss training session.

Experience one hour with a Personal Trainer who will share our comprehensive approach, tips and know-how to create the personal plan and results you're looking for.

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