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Weight Loss Programs


Once you have a starting plan based on myMetabolicProfile℠ results, then you can choose a weight loss program that fits you. We offer programs that are either conveniently prepackaged or completely customized to your individual needs. Talk to a trainer for guidance determining which type of program is right for you.

Program Highlights: Two of our most popular programs include our Jump-Start Weight Loss Program or simply our D.TOX Program.

D.TOX: Check out the healthy way to detox.The Life Time Detoxification Program — D.TOX℠ — is based on giving guidance on to nourish your body with real foods while providing supportive supplemental shakes to help cleanse your body and support its internal detox organs. Once you get your kit and register it online, you’ll unlock the entire program. It includes recommendations and content about how to prep your body for detoxing along with a 2-week program guide that includes recipes for your shakes, sample meal plans, a grocery list, approved food guides and more!

Jump-Start: Our Jump-Start program was created around our successful D.TOX program by providing, in addition, our Metabolic Profile Assessment and 2 one-on-one Nutrition Coaching Sessions. Our Metabolic Profile Assessment will give you a good look into your metabolism as well as provide the appropriate exercise guidelines and intensity for your program. And the Nutrition Coaching sessions will give you one-on-one time with a Nutrition Coach who can help with meal planning during your D.TOX program, plus help set you up for success afterwards.