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Some people take yoga at LifePower for the physical benefits. Others explore its deeper meanings. Some are first timers, others have been practicing for years. Whatever your reason or skill level, you’ll find that all of our instructors are trained and certified by the Yoga Alliance to meet your needs. Choose from a variety of classes, workshops, intensives and even private instruction.

New to Yoga?

The Life Time Yoga Studio welcomes beginning students to an inviting, relaxing environment and an inspired community.


Choose from a variety of daily yoga classes or explore our one-day workshops and eight week intensives.

Teacher Training

Deepen your practice. Reconnect to your natural rhythm. Inspire others along the way. You can do it all with our LifePower Yoga Teacher Training program. 

The Wabi-Sabi Self

Jessie Sholl
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Not Your Average 21-Year-Old

Palm Valley, AZ

Before third grade, I never thought I had any weight issues. Once I switched schools from private to public school, there was a girl who started tea ...

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