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Life Cafe

We’ve transformed so you can too. At LifeCafe, we’ve taken the hard work out of eating well. We now offer only real, wholesome ingredients, free of artificial additives. Now you can grab any item you want, and eat with total confidence. Because, truly, if it’s here, it’s healthy.

Life Cafe Menu

At LifeCafe, we only offer delicious, all natural foods that are free of artificial colors, preservatives and sweetners.

D.TOX Menu

A detoxification program can be tough, but our D.TOX menu can help you through it. 

Meals to Go

Eating healthier when you’re in a hurry is easy with Meals to Go. These items are freshly prepared and packaged for you to take home.

Celebrate! A Holiday Party Menu

Betsy Nelson
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Not Your Average 21-Year-Old

Palm Valley, AZ

Before third grade, I never thought I had any weight issues. Once I switched schools from private to public school, there was a girl who started tea ...

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