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Ultimate Hoops

Ultimate Hoops at Life Time puts a full court press on every basketball move you've got. Adult leagues. Youth leagues. Pick-up games. Tournaments. Instruction. Shoot 'em up 24/7 not only on the court but online - check your stats, your profile, even video highlights. The only thing missing is a multi-million dollar contract. With Ultimate Hoops at Life Time, you're still living the dream.

Ultimate Hoops League

Ultimate Hoops combines the best leagues with an interactive statistical website, featuring personal player profiles and career stats that turn Average Joes into basketball superstars.  

Tournaments and Training

Ultimate Hoops offers several ways to play to help you practice for your league games, improve your basketball skills, and stay healthy on the court.

How to Prevent ACL Injuries

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Cary, NC

When I was a kid in the "low fat" eighties, I gained a lot of weight very quickly. When I was eight I gained a hundred pounds and had a major growth spurt, making me the biggest in my cla ...

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