“Best Overall Health Club 2017”

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Reach the next level

Focus and commitment are keys to success when it comes to preparing for any Cycle event. Life Time offers a variety of training programs to help you prepare for anything from a Social Ride or Indoor Tri to the Leadville 100 race. Our programs combine indoor training, road riding and off-road riding as they progress the athlete through several phases of competitive fitness development including base, aerobic endurance, lactate threshold, skill/technique and then taper/peak.

Led by Life Time Endurance head coach Troy Jacobson, our coaching staff comes from a variety of backgrounds. Every Life Time Fitness Endurance Coach has certain strengths that will suit your individual athletic needs and help you achieve your goals.

Our training programs, in combination with proper diet and recovery practices, promise to bring the social rider and the competitive rider to a higher level of form and to feel fully confident and prepared in achieving their best results.

Email us at info@lifetimeendurance.com and we'll be happy to either assign you to a coach or make recommendations for training based on your unique needs.