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Cycle FAQ

What is Life Time Cycle?
Life Time Cycle is an organized group of Life Time members who share an interest in cycling and are passionate about health and wellness. We welcome riders of all abilities, from the most experienced to those just getting started on the bike. Cycle Club is a fun and convenient way to enjoy the sport and meet other cyclists from the Life Time community.

Where do I find a Life Time Cycle program?
Local Life Time Cycle programs operate out of most Life Time Club locations around the country.

What kind of events does Life Time Cycle offer? Club activities feature weekly group rides of different distances and ability levels. Other activities include event-specific training sessions, guest speakers, educational opportunities and off-the-bike social activities. Experienced Club Coordinators and Ride Leads ensure that there is something for everyone and that all riders can find a challenge to further their love of cycling.

How much does it cost to be a member of the Life Time Cycle Club?
Membership is free for all Life Time members.

How is Life Time Cycle different from other cycle clubs?
Life Time Cycle Club welcomes all, regardless of experience level. It is a supportive environment in which to develop as a cyclist. Our Club Coordinators and many of our riders are heavily experienced cyclists with years of riding, training and racing to their credit. The common thread is they also enjoy leading beginner rides, helping new cyclists and promoting the fun and social nature of the sport.

How do Life Time Cycle events fit in with regular Life Time workouts?
Life Time Cycle Club builds on the strength of the local Life Time locations and their respective facilities. With group rides leaving from club locations, it is an efficient way to build cycling into your weekly health and fitness schedule. Life Time Cycle members enter and train for a wide array of events sponsored and organized by
Life Time such as bike races, triathlons, and other organized rides. Cycling activities on the bike can easily be combined with in-club training and coaching programs, strength and condition work and other cross training modes. When weather or the seasons do not allow outdoor riding, club activities can move inside and maintain a coherent schedule and fitness program.

Can I join Life Time Cycle if I’m a member of another cycling club?
Yes. Participation in Life Time Cycle does not preclude you from participating with other cycling groups. Many of our members use Life Time as their home base for weekly group rides and general fitness training, but continue to ride or race as part of local competitive teams, charitable organizations and bike shops. We want to see you out on your bike and if you are enjoying yourself and improving as a rider, we have achieved our goal!

How do I join the Life Time Cycle?
Joining is simple. Visit our Join Page for more information.

Are training programs available as a Life Time Cycle member?
Yes. Coaches are available to work with you through both online and in-club programs. We advise you to first join Life Time Cycle, familiarize yourself with the local riders and club members and get to know your local Club Coordinator. He or she can discuss your experience level and goals and help pair you with an appropriate coach to work with you individually.

Are all Life Time Cycle activities based around Road Cycling?
The majority of our outdoor group rides are road rides. However, we also schedule mountain bike rides, triathlon training sessions and other event-specific activities. Our indoor studios let us keep things going when outdoor riding is not an option. Many clubs also host one-day cycling festivals and educational sessions featuring training techniques, basic bike maintenance and mechanics, guest speakers, bike demo days and other activities to help you get more out of cycling.

Are there scheduled rides for my local Life Time Cycle program?
Yes, each local Cycle Club has its own schedule of group rides on a weekly basis. Ride schedules are adjusted seasonally to account for weather conditions and different levels of fitness and condition at different points in the year. During some times of the year, this may even include Indoor Studio rides as well. This schedule is available on both your local Life Time Cycle webpage and in your club on the Club communication board.

Is there Life Time Cycle gear available for purchase?
Yes. Click on apparel above to browse official Life Time jerseys and other accessories.

Are there maps/routes available for Cycling in my area?
If you have questions about routes, your local Club Coordinator or the other members of the club will be happy to help you find a ride that suits you. Rides vary in length and duration from 15 miles to 50 miles or more. Ride times may be from 90 minutes to over three hours.

How do I stay up to date on local Life Time Cycle events & activities?
Once you have added Life Time Cycle to your interests on myLT and joined by clicking Join above, you will receive weekly email updates with current news, events, schedule updates and other activities.

Within your local Life Time facility, you will also find information related to Life Time Cycle. If available in your area, check the Life Time Cycle Communications Board inside the club. If your club does not yet have this feature, check with the Activities Center for the latest happenings.

What should I expect or need to know about my first ride with the Life Time Cycle?
Rides typically leave ON TIME. The posted ride time indicates the actual roll-out time, the time that the ride leaves. If you need 15 or 30 minutes to prepare and get ready to roll, please plan accordingly.

Your local Club Coordinator would love to hear from you in advance! He or she is there to make sure you have a great experience from day one. He or she should offer to meet you before the ride, talk to you about the route and introduce you to some of the other riders.

Sign a waiver – You must have a signed waiver in order to participate. You should have completed this as part of the sign-up process. If you have any doubt, speak to your Club Coordinator.

Arrive with your bike in good working order. Club members and Coordinators can help in a pinch, but 10 minutes prior to your first ride is not the time to be tuning up your bike. Visit your local shop or speak with your Club Coordinator in advance if you have any concerns about the condition or appropriateness of your bike.

What gear do I need in order to participate?
You must wear a helmet! All riders must wear a helmet at all times while riding with Life Time Cycle.