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You can browse activities by category or by our most popular. Choose which class or activity you’re interested in and see all Life Time has to offer.

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    Life Time offers a wide variety of specialized fitness programs and activities – from complimentary group fitness and yoga classes, group training for any level, kids activities and swimming lessons, to Pilates, tennis, squash and racquetball leagues and lessons and much more. Take a look. You’re sure to find something everyone in your family will love. 

    *Offerings vary by location.

    • 50/50

      The first half of the class starts off with cardio training and the second half includes basic strength training. Your instructor will decide what type of cardio will be the focus.

    • AMP Cycle

      Get addicted to this pulse-pounding party on a bike. Experience energizing, calorie-burning cardio with the hottest club music. Ride the rhythm and feel the beat in this sweaty celebration. Warning: Flashing lights may be used in this class (where applicable). It is recommended that you consult your doctor if you have been diagnosed with a photosensitivity disorder or are concerned about flashing lights triggering seizures.

    • Aqua

      The water provides an atmosphere of safe resistance for aerobic conditioning. This class is perfect for the fit, pregnant or joint-sensitive person. No experience, no problem.

    • Aqua Zumba

      Aqua Zumba is an aqua workout set to addictive, international dance rhythms that integrate the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness.

    • Ashtanga Vinyasa

      Calm your mind with concentrated breathing as you strengthen the core muscle groups of your body. A vigorous practice, you’ll focus on a set and progressive series of postures. Temp: 85F – 90F

    • Ballet Body Fusion

      Blending Pilates, conditioning and classical ballet, this fun and invigorating class develops endurance, balance and core strength. And you don't even have to be a dancer.

    • Barbell Strength

      Raise the bar in this strength training class designed for all fitness levels. We use Iron Grip Strength Equipment as the primary tool to improve muscular strength and endurance.

    • BarreCardio

      The fluid, dynamic, barre-focused movements of this class are sure to get your heart pumping. But that's nothing compared to the improved flexiblity and endurance you'll achieve.

    • BarreCore

      That core can always use help. And with this resistance-focused workout, you'll use your own body weight to sculpt your midsection while training it in a whole new way.

    • BarreFusion

      Experience the perfect blend of Barre, cardio and toning work in this amazing class. This workout is designed to sculpt and lengthen your muscles from head to toe.

    • BarreStrength

      Core. Upper and lower body. Glutes. We target all these areas with interval strength training, isometric holds and deep muscle work. The result? Long, beautiful muscles.

    • Bikes & Brunch (Indoor Cycle Class) $

      Head to the club and get strapped in for a high-energy indoor cycle ride with pumping tunes, contagious energy and special surprises. The class will be followed by a mid-morning brunch with tasty treats, drinks, music and more. Event fee includes outdoor ride and brunch. Valid ID required for clubs serving alcoholic beverages. See your club for more details.

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