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You can browse activities by category or by our most popular. Choose which class or activity you’re interested in and see all Life Time has to offer.

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    Life Time offers a wide variety of specialized fitness programs and activities – from complimentary group fitness and yoga classes, group training for any level, kids activities and swimming lessons, to Pilates, tennis, squash and racquetball leagues and lessons and much more. Take a look. You’re sure to find something everyone in your family will love. 

    *Offerings vary by location.

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    • 108 Sun Salutations

      Stay centered with the age-old tradition of 108 Sun Salutations. The yoga equivalent of a marathon, this physically challenging sequence is practiced for strength and endurance and can be a powerful tool for meditation and self-transformation. All levels are welcome. No registration required. Events may vary by location; see club for details.

    • Ashtanga Vinyasa

      Calm your mind with concentrated breathing as you strengthen the core muscle groups of your body. A vigorous practice, you’ll focus on a set and progressive series of postures. Temp: 85F – 90F

    • Family Yoga

      Share your yoga practice with the whole family! This is a Yoga Basics class with a fun, family format sure to bring smiles and relaxation to each member of the family. Appropriate for children 6+ yrs.

    • Heated Flow

      For those students who wish to move at a faster pace to build strength and stamina in their practice. This class is open to all levels but yogis with moderate experience will benefit most from the intense vinyasas and increased opportunities to practice advanced variations of postures. This class is heated (~95 degrees) and requires at least a moderate level of fitness. Expect to develop strength, experience deep opening in hips, shoulders, and spine, and thoroughly enjoy your practice. You will be challenged.

    • Kids Yoga

      Kids absolutely love this interactive mashup of games, music and storytelling. They'll increase balance, strength and concentration during this highly active yoga session for kids ages 6-11.

    • Kids Yoga (5 - 12 years)

      Kids absolutely love this energetic mashup of games, music and storytelling. They'll increase balance, strength and concentration while learning poses for future yoga classes.

    • LPYoga Roots

      Discover how your body responds to effort and release in this foundation class. Let your breathing inspire movement and build strength in body and mind as you work to find balance. Temp: 75F – 85F

    • LPYoga Slowburn

      Focus inward with soothing music and a slow progression. Postures are held longer, so you can explore all the benefits of each, find balance and feel release. Temp: 80F - 85F

    • LPYoga Vinyasa

      Less heat, still sweaty. The same format as our LPYoga Vinyasa, but you enjoy all the benefits of free-flowing postures and energizing tunes in a class that's set to a cooler temp. Temp: 80F - 85F

    • LPYoga Vinyasa*

      Create heat within your body using flowing postures with upbeat music in an already-warm room. You will increase strength, flexibility and endurance with the freedom to choose your own pace. Temp: 90F – 95F

    • LPYoga Yin

      Experience the benefits from an hour of deeper moving, breathing and awakening. This signature practice is for all levels and complements our more intense formats. Temp: 75F – 80F

    • Meditation

      Learn the art of seated meditation and awareness of your breath as a way to calm your nervous system, reduce stress, enhance mental clarity and uncover a deeper sense of connectedness and compassion.

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