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You can browse activities by category or by our most popular. Choose which class or activity you’re interested in and see all Life Time has to offer.

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    Life Time offers a wide variety of specialized fitness programs and activities – from complimentary group fitness and yoga classes, group training for any level, kids activities and swimming lessons, to Pilates, tennis, squash and racquetball leagues and lessons and much more. Take a look. You’re sure to find something everyone in your family will love. 

    *Offerings vary by location.

    • 60 Day: CardioBurn - How to Burn Fat

      Gain insight into heart-rate training and find out why cardio training is crucial to fat loss. Get on the treadmill and learn more about personalized heart-rate zone training.

    • 60 Day: Grocery Store Tour

      Our nutrition experts will show you what healthy eating looks like. As you navigate the aisles, you'll learn what to put in your cart and the importance of quality food.

    • 60 Day: Mat Pilates

      Join us for an introductory mat Pilates class and learn the basic series in the Pilates system of mind-body exercises. Pilates is designed to get you toned, sleek, and flexible.

    • 60 Day: Metabolic Fix

      A nutrition and metabolism seminar that will discuss what else may be getting in the way of your success! Come discuver what roadblocks you can conquer to start seeing results.

    • 60 Day: Nutrition - Eat to Compete

      Nutrition habits are a crucial component for success. Join us for a nutrition seminar where we'll showcase meal-prep ideas, recipes, and crucial tactics for real-life challenges.

    • 60 Day: Strength Training - Build a Plan

      Strength training is just as important to your workout regimen as cardio. Come attend this seminar to learn how to build a strength training program -- an integral piece to your success!

    • 60 Day: TEAM Challenge

      Bump up the fun and your training intensity with TEAM Challenge -- who can burn the most calories from fat in this cardio class?

    • D.TOX Grocery Tour

      You're in our D.TOX program. Now what? It's time to hit the grocery aisles with our nutrition expert and find foods that perfectly line up with the high D.TOX standards.

    • D.TOX Support Group

      With these 3 weekly meetings, you'll get the most out of our D.TOX program. Education, motivation and full support from people just like you going through this healthy cleanse.

    • Healthy Living Challenges

      These weekly check-ins with our Nutrition Coach allow you to discuss healthy lifestyle changes and take advantage of weigh-ins to keep you focused on a positive nutrition goal.

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